Hellion (Unsigned)

Hellion (Unsigned)


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Jordan Shaw is one of the Mohiri’s best young warriors. Fearless and bold, she’s passionate about completing every job and living life to the fullest, even if that means breaking all the rules.

When Jordan encounters a demon believed to have been killed off centuries ago, her discovery sends ripples up to the highest levels of the Mohiri. While they discuss how to face the biggest threat to humanity yet, she prepares herself for the mission of her life. She’s not afraid of danger or dying, and she’ll fight to the last breath to save her family.

There’s just one problem – the frustratingly fierce male warrior who calls to her demon. In her heart, Jordan knows he’s her perfect match, but she has things to do before she’s bound to a mate. Like saving the world.

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Paperback: 276 pages

Dimensions:  6" (152mm) x 9"(229mm)

ISBN: 978-1-948392-16-7

Publisher: Tempest Press

Published: January 8, 2019